The PCS Global Tech

Talent Development Program (TDP)

An IT consulting trainee-to-hire experience


to be considered in our next batch!

The PCS Global Tech

Talent Development Program (TDP)


An IT consulting trainee-to-hire experience


to be considered for a start date next month!

There is a lot of noise in the IT training industry. Many companies offer programs that overpromise, then underdeliver.

The PCS Global Tech Talent Development Program is different, and it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Our trainees enjoy one of the best learning experiences possible because we are not merely a training company. We are a full-cycle software company with our own products, services, and Fortune 500 clients. Our close-knit network of professional consultants is working on projects at the front lines of the tech industry (exactly where you’ll be, if you join our program!) and we receive insights from this network every single day. That means we know all the latest trends, all the biggest needs, and all the most important requirements for our clients.

That’s not all: we use this information directly to design a training program that makes you the best of the best in this industry.

The TDP Experience

The TDP program is continuously changing and improving in order to keep participants on the cutting edge of new technologies. We review and update our training materials weekly based on insights from our clients and consultants in the IT industry.


The Talent Development Program (TDP) is a trainee-to-hire experience for people with a STEM background who want to jump-start their careers in the tech industry. This program is offered through our team at PCS Global Tech, the training division of the full-service IT company CCS Global Tech.

With decades of experience in technology and business intelligence, PCS Global Tech created TDP in response to a rising swell of market demand for the skills and expertise in our niche. By using an accelerated learning model, this program dramatically reduces the time it takes for participants to gain cutting-edge skills and apply them in the real world. TDP is designed to put you on an elevated career trajectory while helping us grow our network of professional consultants.

TDP participants join a 10-day starting trial period, then they move to the 3-month intensive hands-on technical internship from Microsoft Certified professionals. They also receive personalized training in soft skills and interview preparation. Upon completion of the program, TDP graduates are placed as consultants on advanced projects at our client sites.

TDP’s Microsoft Certified trainers are professionals with 40+ years of combined personal experience in the industry. They know exactly what skills are essential to achieving career growth and success. Students are guided step by step through real-life scenarios from our client projects in order to understand how concepts are applied in practice.

Our team of Recruiters, People Relationship Managers, Marketers, and Human Resource experts works closely with participants to improve their non-technical skills. By including a focus on the soft skills essential to building good relationships and conducting business effectively, TDP helps each individual to become as well-rounded and competitive in the job market as possible.

We pride ourselves in maintaining strong relationships with each other. When you join TDP, you are joining a family of over 1,000 consultants across the globe who will mentor and support you!

Project Placements

Over the last 5 years, we have placed 1,000+ TDP consultants on exciting projects in both the private and public sectors! Our clients include:

Program Design

TDP offers participants the opportunity to gain focused skills in high-demand business intelligence technologies – the exact technologies that are used by our Fortune 500 clients.

A Large Team of Instructors and Mentors

TDP participants learn from 6 onsite and 5 offsite instructors, all of whom possess significant experience and technical expertise. Most other programs only provide 1-2 instructors, but at PCS Global Tech, we want you to feel the full support of a large team helping you to succeed!

Placement Assistance and Support

All of our candidates have different combinations of strengths and passions, and we appreciate that! Our interview process matches you with clients and opportunities that best fit your interests and skills profile.

High-Quality Training Materials and Services

TDP is the most frequently-updated training program in today’s market! We take great pride in providing our students with the highest quality and most current study materials.

Hands-On Experiences

AT TDP, your nose will not be stuck in a textbook. You will be immersed in hands-on exercises and coaching sessions to ground your theoretical knowledge in practical experience.


Skills You’ll Gain

TDP participants can expect to gain a variety of the following in-demand skills:



How to use Snowflake to build, deploy, manage & maintain a data warehouse on top of the cloud. You will be able to load & transform data in Snowflake, scale virtual warehouses for performance and concurrency, share data and work with Semi-Structured Data.


Azure services; PowerShell overview; creating and configuring Azure Virtual Machines; managing blobs and containers; configuring and connecting to SQL databases

ETL Design Techniques

Managing ETL strategies; performing initial and incremental loads; CDC, check sum, and time stamp techniques; data profiling, cleansing, validation, and verification

Online Transaction Processing

Database design, data warehouse design, gathering business requirements, ER diagrams, development approaches, data model perspectives, dimensional modeling, loading data

Power BI

Determining dashboard layouts based on information needs; utilizing different visualizations; implementing filters and grouping; creating scorecards with KPIs

SQL Server

Basic and advanced SQL Server programming and administration; SQL Server integration, analysis, and reporting services


Building interactive reports per business requirements; creating trend lines, forecast models, and linear graphs with band lines; publishing reports onto the cloud


Microsoft Partnership

As trusted Microsoft partners, PCS Global Tech trains its students in the most current, relevant, and in-demand business technologies.

All TDP instructors are Microsoft Certified.

TDP participants can also obtain their own Microsoft Certification and be reimbursed for the cost.


TDP participants focus on one of two workstreams depending on their interests and skills:

Data Engineering & Integration

Jobs You’ll Land

Upon graduation from TDP, Data Engineering & Integration participants can expect to be qualified for high-demand technology roles in today’s job market such as:

  • Azure ETL Developer
  • Data Integration Developer
  • Data Warehouse Developer
  • Database / Data Engineer
  • Power BI Developer
  • SQL Data Programmer
  • SQL OLTP Developer
  • SQL Server – Azure BI Developer
  • SQL / ETL (SSIS) Developer
  • SSAS Developer (Multidimensional, Tabular)
  • Tableau Developer


Orientation / Installation
Data Modeling
SQL Server Programming – Basic, Advanced, + 2016
Data Warehouse Design Techniques
SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) – Basic + Advanced
SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) + Tabular Models
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) – Advanced + Project Work
Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Azure
SharePoint + Team Foundation Server
Market Transition (Preparation, Interviews, & Project Placement)


Data Analysis and Visualization

Jobs You’ll Land

Upon graduation from TDP, Data Analysis & Visualization participants can expect to be qualified for high-demand technology roles in today’s job market such as:

  • Azure / Power BI Specialist
  • BI / SQL / Tableau / Power BI Analyst
  • Business Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Reporting Analyst
  • Power BI Report Developer
  • SQL Reporting Developer (Azure, Power BI)
  • SQL Reporting (SSRS) Developer
  • Tableau Developer
  • Visualization and Analytics Specialist (Tableau, Power BI)


Orientation / Installation
Data Modeling
SQL Server Programming – Intermediate
Data Warehouse Design Techniques
SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) + Tabular Models
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Azure
SharePoint + Team Foundation Server
Market Transition (Preparation, Interviews, & Project Placement)


Career Launching

All TDP participants receive personalized support in transitioning to a CCS Global Tech consultant role and securing their first client project assignment.

  • Interview preparation and mock interview sessions
  • Communication and presentation coaching


Qualifications & Requirements

Here are some of the technical skills that we believe make candidates a great fit for each of the TDP workstreams:

Data Engineering & Integration

  • Intermediate understanding of database objects (entities, attributes, constraints, relationships, joins, etc.)
  • Average logic-building skills
  • Ability to write basic DDL/DML/DQL (any SQL) queries
  • Average technical presentation & delivery skills
  • Basic exposure to any programming language (C, C++, VB, Python, R, etc.)


Data Analysis & Visualization

  • Basic understanding of database objects (entities, attributes, constraints, relationships, joins, etc.)
  • Good logic-building and analytical skills
  • Ability to write logic for SELECT queries (any SQL) using JOIN statements (inner/outer joins)
  • Note: the focus for this stream is on logic, not syntax
  • Good presentation & delivery skills


Additionally, in order to qualify for TDP, potential candidates must possess the following:

  • U.S. Citizens: AS, BS, or MS in STEM field (or equivalent relevant experience)
  • Non-U.S. Citizens: BS or MS in STEM field (eligible for 3 years of OPT)
  • Willingness to relocate

After applying, qualified candidates will be contacted by one of our recruiters for an interview.

Benefits & Compensation

At PCS Global Tech, TDP participants receive everything they need to bridge the gap between student life and a career.  

Relocation Assistance

Once placed in their first project, consultants are financially assisted to relocate.

Health Insurance

After the three-month internship, participants will receive health insurance benefits.

Competitive Salary

Upon completing TDP, graduates can expect to make $60-70k in their first year as a CCS Global Tech consultant. In their second year (and beyond!), they can expect to make $80-90k.

Referral Bonuses

Accepted TDP participants receive rewards for referring friends to the program.


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Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our program. If you have additional questions, please email our team directly.

What makes TDP different from other programs?

Unlike most of its competitors, PCS Global Tech is part of a full-cycle software company with its own products and services. We know all of the latest industry needs and trends because we are working on the front lines in this space, and TDP is designed to match real requirements from our clients. Having prepared hundreds of participants for interviews, our instructors have a deep understanding of the knowledge and skills needed in our markets. They are constantly updating the training program to ensure that TDP is as valuable and relevant as possible.

How long will I be in training?

TDP participants will complete approximately 12 weeks of intensive training.

Why do I need to be open to relocation?

Once you complete the program and become a consultant, you will relocate to a client site to work on a specific project. Our clients are located nationwide, so you must be open to any exciting opportunity!

How much does TDP cost?

TDP is free of charge to those who fully complete the program and work as CCS Global Tech consultants for 2,000 billable hours. For those who choose to start the program and then leave before their contract is finished, a training reimbursement fee will be charged.


Apply for TDP Today!

The TDP program is a full-time endeavor for participants. We are currently accepting applications from those who are eligible to start the program for our next batch.