TDP Referral Rewards


Here at PCS Global Tech, we are continuously looking to build our team of talented consultants — and we want to help you help us! If you are a current or former participant of TDP, we would love your help in identifying other qualified candidates.


Referral Rewards:


Successfully refer 1 candidate and receive: $100 Gift Card* + $500**
Successfully refer a 2nd candidate and receive: $200 Gift Card* + $600**
From the 3rd successfully referred candidate onward, receive: $300 Gift Card* + $750**


*Receivable after the candidate passes their 10th-day evaluation.

**Receivable after the candidate has been placed on project; paid as income.


A successful referral candidate:

  • Possesses a STEM degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field
  • Is willing to relocate to San Diego, CA or Wayne, PA for training and then to client sites for their projects [Note: the training relocation requirement has been temporarily waived due to COVID-19. The TDP program is currently virtual.]
  • Has excellent analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Is self-motivated, hardworking, and a quick learner


Additional requirements and information:

  • Gift card rewards are earned after the referred candidate signs an employment contract with CCS Global Tech.
  • Bonus rewards are earned after the referred candidate successfully completes TDP and works 30 days on a billable project. The money will be paid to you as income and received as a paycheck bonus.
  • Referred candidates must put your name on their TDP application forms.
  • To be eligible to earn rewards, you must be actively employed by CCS Global Tech at the time they are earned.
  • Referred candidates cannot be previous employees of CCS Global Tech.
  • Referred candidates cannot be from the same TDP batch as you.


Send your referral to

Your message should include:

  1. Your name and contact information.
  2. Name(s) and contact information for the candidate(s) you are referring.
  3. A current resume for each candidate being submitted.


Finally, we encourage you to share the link to our TDP information page with all prospective referrals!